Blog Theme For WordPress

Blnrss is a beautiful blog theme for wordpress. It has free and paid versions available now. Classic version is free and premium is custom.

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First of all, it loads super fast. It will be easy for Google to crawl and index pages. You will gradually grow with your content.

You can use Blnrss blog theme as landing page. It has the necessary elements to grab customers. So, it is more than an online content.

It has the options to customize the entire content as per your need. So, you can give your wordpress content a clear dashing look.

How to choose a blog theme

There are several things to confirm while choosing an online content interface. Page speed is the vital thing among them. The fastest is loads, the more visitors.

You have to decide the purpose of your blog theme. It is mandatory to choose a niche that you are capable of writing on a regular basis.

Also, it is a good idea to list the elements you will need for your content. Then, it will allow you to modify things easily as per your need.

Finally, the blog them must has to be mobile friendly and customizable. Now let’s discuss them one by one.


It is very important to choose your blog theme wisely. The reason is, it is the main interface for all your article content.

The idea is to choose an eye catching interface for your readers. As a result, they will get back to you and read your articles daily basis.

The more traffic you will get, the more opportunities you will get. Your website blog content side spaces will be valuable for advertisers consequently.

Then you have to write article on a regular basis to engage your audience. As a result, your advertisers will pay you for ad space in your blog theme.